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Best Cheats For FarmVille on Facebook


The best cheats for FarmVille on Facebook are the legal guides, tips and secret strategies you can learn from other more experienced and perhaps more devious players.
There are thousands of these around. You can find blog posts, videos, pdfs. whatever you want. Whether they are any good or not is the difficult part. Sometimes the trick is totally outdated. Other times it's too complicated or just plain nonsense. And in the worst case scenario the advice can be downright dangerous.
Dangerous? How can cheats for FarmVille on Facebook be dangerous?
Well if you read the terms of service for the game you will see that some form of cheats are actually illegal and not acceptable according to the usage rules.
The rules state very clearly that you cannot use any automated system to play the FarmVille Facebook game. This includes spiders, bots and cheat utilities.
So what's the worst that can happen to you if you do "cheat"? For one thing you can get banned from playing the game. You could have your account terminated and not be able to play any of the other games created by the same provider. And even worse you could have your actual Facebook account suspended too.
This would be bad enough but even worse in my opinion is the risk to your own computer you create when you use third party software. Bots can and often do carry virus' and nasty stuff like spyware or malware.
What's a Bot?
Bots are the most commonly recommended Facebook FarmVille cheat. A bot is the short name for web robots that run automated tasks for you. The reason why they are not welcome in the online games world is because bots quickly and automatically gather or 'farm' for resources that are usually only gained through significant time and effort. In other words it wrecks the game for other players and ultimately makes the game boring especially for the bot user.
Not all bots are malicious but using any bot is against the terms of service for FarmVille.
And in case you are wondering how a bot is detected it is usually via the mouse movement. If it's the same every single time then something is usually on the nose and it ain't pig manure.
What's A Hack?
A hack is different from a bot in that usually a hack relies on fiddling with code. A lot of people do it but if you don't know what you are doing you can really cause yourself a lot of problems including being banned from the game. And if you think the chances of being caught are slim here's a few numbers to wrap your head around. Recently there was an online poll asking if people had ever been caught hacking while playing a game.
Nearly six thousand people responded and nearly half of them had been caught. Two thousand three hundred and fifty one admitted they'd been caught. That's about 44% of everyone who responded. Most of them also mentioned that they had been either temporarily suspended or permanently banned. A lot said it was a real pain and they would never hack again.
But don't despair because legal cheats for FarmVille on Facebook [http://www.farmvillehintstips.com/] are easy to come by.


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Author: Yash Gupta
My age is 14 and i built this beutiful blog with serious concentration.

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