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How to start a Profitable Online Business with Less Investment?

People turning their offline businesses to online business, why because things are much easier online, and one can manage several companies at a time. The twitter guy used to have a laptop and was living in a single room flat in USA, he alone managed Twitter for several years. There are many other awesome guys out there, who stepped into online business and created several mega websites as well as companies. The way they started inspiring people was only creating a useful website or blog. After the success of the first blog/website they didn't look back and went straight on the way to success. What they did for online success and what the others giants are doing? these all questions and tips are the part of this article. So if you want to start an online business and don't know from where to start then you should read the rest of the story, else, go somewhere else.

What is Online Business?

Online business simply means that you'll provide some kind of services to the users or you'll sell something online. This is same like you open a shop offline and start selling things, or similar like you start a service delivering pizza to houses and offices, so the same way online business goes up. 

What are the requirements for Online Business?

For a rich person the requirements may be only money or big cash, because he/she can hire experts to do everything with advance level, but we are talking about common people like me and you. So the question becomes; what are the requirements for a person earning lower income to start online business?, to this question my answer is; you must have some technical skills such as basic online marketing skills, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills and a little bit web designing skills. Also, a little money is also required to start a successful business online. 

From where to Start Online Business?

Online business comes into being when you have a space online, and for that you need a website in order to show your business type to the world. So you can start your business right now by starting a website or a free blog. For website you can start it on WordPress (a self-hosted content management system) or Blogger (a free blogging platform or CMS). 
The start up of your website/blog is for business, it is for making a reputation online, so first you'll have to create a website/blog only for making a strong community who trust you, and for this purpose you need to start a blog where you must provide something free to the users they really need. 
For example: you can start a video tutorials based website, you can start a text based tutorials website, or you can simply build a website/blog for giving some kind of free resources such as Gadgets, widgets, templates or themes etc. So people will like your efforts and will follow you, and this way you'll grow your readership. Which you can later on change to your customers.

What you must do on your starting website/blog?

As I described above that you'll first start a simple free blog or website, where you'll start publishing free content and establishing readership and this is the first step towards your successful online business from day one. Now what you'll need to do for your free blog, following are some tips:. 
  • You'll need to publish articles on daily bases for at least 6 months
  • You'll create original & real content by yourself 
  • You'll create some kind of quality content which others don't have
  • You'll put all the possible hard work in your website/blog
  • you'll have to build social profiles for your site/blog on all popular social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Digg. 
  • You'll share all of your new content on social media networks
  • You'll optimize your website/blog using Search Engine Optimization 
  • You'll particularly focus on link building
  • You'll run a campaign for your site on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads
These are just basic things you can do freely, just for Google Adwords you need to spend $10 or $20. The rest all steps are free of cost. 
Till 6 months you've to only work on your blog/website for making a strong online reputation. During these six months you can build up 5000+ subscribers/readers and the new visitors from search engines. It may be higher defending on your hard work and efforts.

What to do next? 

Now when you've established online reputation through your single blog, it is time to start either online business or another blog/website, if your first site became successful then the next blog will be successful from day one, because everyone will come to know about that and will follow you there as well. 

What business to start after establishing a successful blog/site? 

You can create a PDF E-book which is very easy to create, just select a topic in which you are expert or have deep knowledge. Start writing on that topic in Ms word or similar word processing software, and create a 100 to 200 pages E-book in details. You can put real efforts in that, so that may be useful for the users, and they will pay you for that if you offer your E-book for sale on your blog/site. 
Other businesses you can start:
  • Web Hosting & Domain Names 
  • Selling Themes/templates
  • Selling Your own products
  • Selling others products in shape of affiliate marketing
  • Providing any service you are expert in
So when you offering above services to your visitors/readers many of them will be interested to buy and recommend to others, because you already won their hearts by providing valuable content in the past. They trust you, therefore, they will easily buy services from you. You can create a separate site for each of your product or service. 
Note: starting a web hosting and domain name will only cost you $20 a month, and you can change that $20 easily to $200 if you worked on the plan I'm writing in this article.
Here are some Examples of successful Guys:
1. Darwon Rose: 
Darown is the owner of ProBlogger.Net which is a blogging resources website, but do you know he started his career from a blogspot blog, and later on he became the #1 in the industry, now his employees are managing his blogs. And he has millions of followers. 
2. Harsh Agarwal: 
This guy is from India and runs ShoutMeLoud.com, and he started his blogging from blogspot, he continuously worked and when he established a good readership, he moved to WordPress, now he is managing several blogs along with dozens of his employees. 
3. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai: 
I know this boy personally, he also started blogging from free blogspot platform, and wrote tips about blogger, SEO and web designing, later on he established a great online reputation within one year, and now he is being followed by thousands of people, he started his second blog (SmartEarningMethods.com) in February 2012, and that was succesful from day one because thousands of people already knew his first blog MBT (MyBloggerTricks.Com). 
Remember that, blogging itself is an online business. So the above are just few examples, there are hundreds of other examples are there. And online business can be managed from a single room with a single computer, doesn't matter if you have more than one BUSINESSES.


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Author: Yash Gupta
My age is 14 and i built this beutiful blog with serious concentration.


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