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Learn To Make Money Online - A Domain Name Definition And Why You Need One To Get Started Online


If you have found this article then you are probably interested in finding out more in your quest to learn to make money online. Learning how to make money online working from home is the first step towards achieving your dream of being able to earn a living doing something you'll enjoy, while still having some flexibility as to when and where you work.
While you are educating yourself about working online, it is important to thoroughly understand some of the internet vocabulary you come across. In this article we will look at two things, the domain name definition and why you need to have a domain to get started online.
Domain Name Definition
You have heard the term "domain name" but do you really understand exactly what is a domain name? A domain name is basically your website's address, and is what visitors to your site type into the address bar to get to it.
Your website is located on a computer. For your website to be viewed on the internet it must be connected to it. All computers that are part of the internet must have a specific address called an Internet Protocol address or IP address for short. The IP addresses are just a collection of numbers such as 781.235.657.23
Instead of typing in these long sets of numbers to locate the computer that has the website we want to look at, there is a database of host names, called domain names. When you type in a domain name to the internet it goes to look up the corresponding IP address and so is able to bring up the website you want.
When you register your domain name at a registrar you can only use letters, numbers and hyphens. A domain name is not case-sensitive. This means that if you type ezinearticles.com or EzineArticles.com you will still be taken to the correct website. However, if you type a directory name after the .com section such as Yourdomain.com/Report it will be different to Yourdomain.com/report.
What is a URL?
URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and is another way of saying domain name. Strictly, there is a technical difference between the two terms. The domain name for your website would be "Yourdomain.com" and the URL would have the letters "http://" in front of Yourdomain.com. In other words your domain name is a part of the more specific set of directions that make up the URL.
Why You Need A Domain Name
When you are setting up an internet business, you need to have your own domain name. You could set up a website using one of the free services but they have rules with which you must comply. If you were to innocently break one of them, then all your hard work and content could be gone when they remove your site. The free platform that you are using could decide to discontinue their service and take down their site, and yours with it.
When you are starting an online business, you really want to be in absolute control of every part of it. This begins with setting up your very own website. It will become part of your growing online real estate properties.
So, as you can see, when you learn to make money online, it helps to understand some of the internet language such as the domain name definition. You need to decide on and register your domain name and then sign up for a hosting service so that your website can be viewed online.
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Author: Yash Gupta
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